Fall Hours at Horseneck Point Lifesaving Station

Labor Day has come and gone, but the fall still has many gorgeous days to enjoy. Come for a visit to the Horseneck Point Lifesaving Station during our fall hours on Wednesdays from 12 to 4 pm and by appointment. The Notorious Shipwrecks off Westport! exhibit has been extended through mid October. Our thanks go to the local divers who has extended their loan of shipwreck artifacts: Erik Takakjian, Brad Hotte, Neal Venancio, Moe Leger, Scott Ciardi and John Conway. 

3 comments on “Fall Hours at Horseneck Point Lifesaving Station

      1. Hi Catherine,
        We will not be hosting the Classic Wooden Boat show this year, so the Lifesaving Station is closed for the season. However if you are still interested in purchasing Greg Stone cards, we can make alternate arrangements. If so, let me know – best via email to [email protected]

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